Tom Mabe was fed up of telemarketers calling his house so he decided to get his revenge by creating a prank call.  Listen to a part of the telephone conversation and complete the worksheet.





Would you do this to a telemarketer?

How do you deal with telemarketers?


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  1. Hana Yu says:

    omg……….It’s too fast to catch all of the words…:(
    I just caught a few words…Im gonna cry soon…

  2. Yirang says:

    wow.. it’s so fast (T_T) so i filled blanks easy vocas…
    If I were Tom I would just hang up the call… this situation is funny but too much… poor Mike…
    When I get calls from telemaketers I just hang up. sometimes I ask them “how did you get my phone number?”… it is so annoying.

  3. Sayaka says:

    Hi Adriana
    oh…omg……It’s so difficult for me. I have tried many times but my ears didn’t caught words. I can’t complete the worksheet…orz

    • Hi Sayaka,

      Dont stress out! This is a good challenge. The most important thing is understanding what happened overall. Were you able to understand the situation? We will talk about this in class!

  4. Wonyoung says:

    If I were him, I will not do that.
    Also I will make telemarketer comfortable.

  5. Wonyoung says:

    But usually I just hang up… lol
    It’s too fast.And it’s too hard for me ㅠㅠ…

    • Hi Wonyoung,

      You are too nice! I wouldnt make him feel comfortable….I would simply hang up lol It is a fast dialogue but this is normal speed for us, native speakers. The most important thing is if you understood the main message or the overall idea of the story. We will talk more in class!

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